About ClayHaven Collective

EST. 2019

ClayHaven Collective creates one-of-a-kind earrings made from polymer clay for every and all styles. Polymer clay is light-weight which is why we have fallen in love with this medium of jewelry. Big statement earrings are something everyone needs in their collection, and you don't have to worry about a heavy earring pulling down on your ear. No 'beauty over pain' at ClayHaven - we found a way to have 'beauty with no pain'. We aim to create fun and playful earrings that can match every mood you're in. 

Each earring is made with stainless steel posts and backings to provide the best for even the most sensitive ears (trust me, i know!)


Hi! My name is Shannon and I am the girl of ClayHaven Collective. I have been in Charlotte since I was 3 months old so I consider myself a native to the Queen City! I live with my husband, our son Wes, daughter Janie, doodle Crüe and babe #3 on the way - who are the reason behind my hustle!
I have always had an artistic side to me and everyone who knows me can attest to that! I express myself creatively and I am not shy about embracing my own style and taste. Being able to share that with you guys is such a blessing. I create things that can align to anyone and any style - I create with YOU in mind.